Clay Cemetery

Documenting and preserving Clay Cemetery in Atlanta's Kirkwood community


We’d like to welcome members of the Clay Family, residents of the Kirkwood neighborhood of the City of Atlanta, the Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization (KNO), and all who share our respect for and desire to value and preserve historical cemeteries to this effort to share the Clay Cemetery with everyone. This blog structured website will be a constantly evolving means of sharing our progress in documenting and preserving Kirkwood’s Clay Cemetery, sometimes called the Clay Burial Ground in historical documents, and allow us all to share in that effort. Please feel free to join in with your comments, suggestions, and contact information. Most importantly we hope you will feel comfortable enough to share your knowledge and documentation with us and help us to keep filling in the blanks in our Clay Cemetery history and answer the mysteries that continue to make themselves know as we restore this important historical site.

Introduction to Clay Cemetery


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Great work KNO and Earl. You all have been busy. Looks like all the ivy has been cleared. Love the website. It’s like a mini lesson in early American history and incredibly fascinating. Also, I found a great early Atlanta map online at the historical society website that shows at least 2 Clay families living in the area. Will post you the link when I find it. Will be checking back regularly.

  2. Many Thanks! for the kind words Dr Fishel ! Some updated images reflecting current work will be posted soon.
    Clay Cemetery and it’s Caregivers wish EVERYONE a Happy Thanksgiving !

  3. Earl, great job by you and KNO on the web site and in preserving the history of Kirkwood and its founders. I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication. I’ll check in regularly and hope to visit the cemetery soon.

  4. Is it possible to visit/tour this cemetery? I have a genealogical link to the Clay family.

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